IT strategy


The IT Strategy is intended to define a vision and a path to IT transformation, in line with the strategic objectives and the company's business.

Develop an IT strategy is a top-down process that starts with the business needs and also takes into account organizational, technological and compliance aspects.



The development of an IT strategy goes for the construction of a strategic plan and a series of tactical plans that address a project / service portfolio.


IT strategies can affect both the use of new enabling technologies, both the sourcing strategies, and definition of operational models.


solutions and services


 evaluation of alignment of business strategies with the IT ones

 evaluation of sourcing strategies for ICT services

 evaluation of ICT impacts resulting from strategies and solutions of business process outsourcing (BPO)

 design of ICT Future Mode of Operations (FMO) and the gradual transition route from the PMO (Present Mode of Operations)

 feasibility studies on new trends and enabling technologies (cloud computing, mobile computing, social networks, big data, internet of things, dematerialization)


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