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information security


Deliberate actions (cyber-crime, espionage, deception and sabotage) and not deliberate (accidents, malfunctions, natural disasters), undermine the security of the information and threaten the confidentiality, integrity and availability (cardinal axis).




The information security is a continuous process (protection + detection + response), based on three cardinal (confidentiality. integrity and availability) principles (axes), leaded by two drivers (legal and business) and it takes resources, processes and technologies of the company: at strategic, tactical and operational level.


Risks must be identified and managed appropriately (TARA - Transfer, Avoid, Reduce, Accept).


solutions and services


 Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Test (VA / PT)

 Assessment & audit (full ISO 27001, lite IQW, PCI DSS)

 Security awareness

 Policies & procedures

 Data loss prevention (network, endpoint, file-level)

 Mobile security

 Network security

 Cloud security

 Social media security

 Application security

 Physical security

 Datacenter security

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