fraud management / OSINT


Fraud includes a wide range of irregularities and illegal acts characterized by conduct intentionally designed to mislead.

Could be committed to the advantage or disadvantage of the organization, and by people working inside or outside the same.




To minimize risks of occurrence of frauds must be implemented preventive, monitoring and response measures.


solutions and services


Prevention and combating fraud:


 Fraud Test on services / systems (measurement of the degree of safety of a new service or system)

 Processing countermeasures for preventing and detecting fraud (targeted to the business context and the types of fraud associated to mitigate risks)

 Management of suspected or acclaimed fraud (early intervention to limit the damage)

 Fraud Accountability (identification of responsibles in order to proceed with the recovery of losses)

 Support to relations with the judicial authorities (our staff works closely with the FF.OO. and the Judiciary and is auxiliary teacher of PG and CT)


Intelligence services also from public sources


 OSINT Vulnerability & Fraud Reputation

 OSINT System Integration

 Virtual Witnesses Investigation

 OSINT Exposures Discovery


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