digital forensics


"Computer forensics" is the science relating to the identification, acquisition, preservation, study, analysis and documentation of memories recorded in computer or information systems in general, in order to highlight evidence for investigation purposes.




In the investigative activities the computer may have several roles:


 "active" part of the criminal action

 target of criminal acts

 container for evidence of illegal activity


This creates a growing demand for analysis of digital data for investigation purposes by:


 computer related and telematic crimes

 not computer related crimes but committed with computer systems

 crimes where are found traces or clues in systems

 contrast fraud investigation

 preliminary investigations for the protection of corporate assets

 the implementation of ISO 27037 (Digital Evidence First Responders)


solutions and services


Laboratory equipped of computer forensics:


 staff with specialized certifications

 Logicube tools: Forensic Dossier and Forensic Talon

 appliance MediaClone Forensic SuperImager Field Unit

 wiebeTECH CRU Tools: all products also DITTO Forensic FieldStation

 Tableau tools: T8, TDA5-AD, T4 and TD3

 Cellebrite Tools: RS PRO UFED PHYSICAL

 Access Data Forensics Toolkit software

 CAINE Open Source software

 dedicated computers for off-line indexing and analysis of data in CED Sure, restricted access and dedicated network (sterile environment).

 2 NAS with full disk encryption

 external services for data recovery in a clean room

 Support and Training for the construction of corporate Digital Forensics LAB and DEFR


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