business continuity


A disaster is an event that, in general, has two distinctive characteristics:


 has a small probability of occurrence

 has a strong negative impact on business


A disaster can impact: the company's operations, its image and reputation, or even the health of people.




The Business Continuity Management (BCM) is the set of actions to prevent accidents that damage the functions and processes that support the company's key products and services.


The goal is to ensure answers to disastrous events in a planned manner such as to safeguard the interests of stakeholders, the reputation and the company value.


The BCM requires planning that affects many aspects of an organization, whose ability to recover depends on both management of staff / operational, and technology.


solutions and services


ConsIQ offers services related to construction, maintenance and audit of business continuity plans, emergency plans and disaster recovery plans.


The reference methodologies are: British Standard BS 25999, ISO 22301, and ISO 27001.


ConsIQ is able to carry out feasibility studies, design and project management for disaster recovery.


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